ORC Week 2: Our Bread and Butter

As some of y’all know, are full time jobs are at our design firm, Rottmayer Design + Build, in Sonoma. We specialize in designing and building high-end homes in Sonoma & Napa. Something that always makes our homes stand out is that we do almost all the custom details ourselves. From the kitchen cabinets to custom doors and accents we create a one of a kind look that seamlessly incorporates into the houses design. Customization is what we consider our bread and butter and we are doing a lot of it for the ORC. In case you are just tuneing in we our remodeling our old office and turning it into our master suite (check out our One Room Challenge Week 1 blog post). But the real magic is happening below our space in our businesses’ workshop.

Customization station

The first thing we built for the challenge are these custom arched ash wood doors with cane and fabric paneled inserts. These doors were FFF-in complicated to put it mildly. We worked day after day, checking in hourly with our master cabinet maker. We designed it, constantly remeasured, recalculated…and then we did it all over again. But boy was it worth it!! Though we are absolutely never making these doors again, so don’t even ask, we are glad we did take the risk. They make such a statement and totally “round” out our boxy apartment.

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 9.26.42 PM-2.jpg
IMG_2641 4.JPG
IMG_2645 4.JPG
IMG_2650 5.JPG

With the custom doors half finished we decided top them off with Emtek hardware. Going with the rounded edges theme, we picked Narrow Oval Pocket Door Mortise Lock from Emtek which we thought complimented the oval shapes of our doors really well. We have been using Emtek hardware for years so we knew what kind of quality and craftsmanship to expect. Their hardware is so classy and weighty and they are really killing it with their modern designs and shapes. For the other doors in our apartment we chose their Laurent Knob in brushed brass which is this beautiful mix of contemporary and traditional with a slight bend in what would be a modern round flat knob.


Bathroom Vanity

Ok know lets get down to business with this bathroom cabinet! This is legit our bread and butter because custom cabinets are our JAM! We design and build cabinets all the time so we knew we could do this no problem, but what we changed up for the first time is H-O-W. We wanted to get a bit creative and take a risk because we were doing our own space and if we hated it we could always change it out down the road. Recently we have been using knotty plywood to get that extra depth but it was still too flat for what we were looking for so we decided to experiment a little. We had a few boxes of this beautiful European oak wood flooring left and we thought “why don’t we make our own ‘plywood’ out of it?” So, being a bit extra, we did it! We glued up the flooring to a sheet of plywood and then cut it into the pieces we needed and viola! It was actually a pretty easy process and created a really cool rough texture. Also, added point for being green since we are only using a veneer of hardwood instead of actual hardwood. Pat on the back.


To complement the rough sawn look we partnered with Signature Hardware for their gorgeous marble trough sink. We both have lived with a tiny bathroom and one sink so we are both very incredibly stoked to have our own faucet that it might just be our favorite thing we are installing. It makes remodeling a master suite in 6 weeks totally worth the pain and suffering…sorta…kinda…not really. BUT REALLY! I mean, just look at it:


To compliment a lot of the brass accents we chose the West Slope Pull from Rejuvenation in aged brass. Literally, Rejuvenation is our GO TO for cabinet hardware as I am sure you have seen it in many of our projects. The details and the coining on this pull just adds all the texture and metal to the otherwise warmth of the wood and the creaminess of the stone. Pure bliss.



Head on over to our Instagram to see a detailed look into how we built all of the plywood from scratch and made this cabinet and a picture of the arched cane pocket doors hung! Make sure you also head over to all our fellow featured designers’ blogs (listed below) to see which spaces they are transforming. Watching them all torture themselves on top of our own self torture should be fun, plus they are all really amazing and talented designers. We will be there sharing daily progress, deep diving into our design, and showing off all the amazing and generous sponsors who are providing wonderful product to help us make this space come together.

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